Community Partners

Community Partners

We believe that people with drive and curiosity can change the world — and collaboration can make great things happen.

Looking to partner on a research project or community event? Want to hire a student or create a volunteer opportunity?

Through collaboration with community organizations, businesses, Indigenous partners, civic groups and others, we can find new perspectives on complex problems.

Here’s how we can work together.

Collaboration and Research Opportunities

Collaboration and Research Opportunities

Connect with 白菜收录大全网址 in the Downtown Eastside

Explore programs for residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), learn about or partner on community-based research or work with students on DTES projects.

白菜收录大全网址 Learning Exchange >

Innovation 白菜收录大全网址

Develop research partnerships, explore knowledge exchange opportunities, access research discoveries and make entrepreneurial connections.

Innovation 白菜收录大全网址 >

Centre for Community Engaged Learning

Collaborate with students on challenges impacting your organization and the communities you serve.

Centre for Community Engaged Learning >

Hire 白菜收录大全网址 Students

Learn about 白菜收录大全网址 Co-op programs, or post a job or internship position for 白菜收录大全网址 students and alumni.

白菜收录大全网址 Co-op Programs >

Hire a 白菜收录大全网址 Student >

Indigenous Portal

Find information on 白菜收录大全网址 Vancouver’s Indigenous engagement commitment and resources for the campus community and beyond.

Indigenous Portal >

Indigenous Research Support Initiative

Find resources and support for Indigenous community-based research.

Indigenous Research Support Initiative >

Partnership Funding

Find funding for community-university partnerships, collaborations and relationship-building activities.

Partnership Funding >

Find Out More

Find Out More

白菜收录大全网址 Vancouver Community Engagement

Discover partnership opportunities, funding, and resources that support community-university collaboration.

白菜收录大全网址 Vancouver Community Engagement >

白菜收录大全网址 Okanagan Community Engagement

Connect with 白菜收录大全网址 Okanagan: find an event, partner in research, hire a student or book space on campus.

白菜收录大全网址 Okanagan Community Engagement >